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Letter from the Contractor
On our website you will not find cheesy slogans or worn out cliches. We do not use  religion or military status as a sales pitch. We do not pat ourselves on the back for giving back to the community. We don’t put ourselves on a pedestal by labeling us as “the most trusted company” or being the “premier” plumbing company in OKC.
What we did was develop our website as a resume for the customer. We want to give the customer what they need; information about our experience, work history, and who we REALLY are.
A fancy commercial with a high production value means nothing and couldn’t be more  redundant where it concerns plumbing. People who choose a plumbing company simply because they liked the commercial are putting themselves at risk of losing thousands of dollars.
In my 20 years the number one reason customers have faulty repairs done by “plumbers” is because of inexperience. No amount of cheesy slogans, cliches, or money will guarantee the customer what they deserve; quality from Real Plumbers with Real Solutions.
Damon Brewer
Plumbing Contractor

Real Plumbers, Real Solutions

Our Services for Affordable Plumbing OKC

The services we offer cover all aspects of residential, commercial, and industrial plumbing in OKC. We have completed thousands of jobs in each sector and have the training, licenses, and equipment to complete any job.

With over 20 years of experience in the field in plumbing, we have worked on everything from new homes in the building stage, to the state capital building. Our mission is to help all who have plumbing needs in the OKC Metro area. As a result of this, we also do remodeling and can work with insurance claims.

We work closely with each customer and their specific plumbing or remodeling requirements. Our services extend into maintenance, which helps commercial and industrial customers stay ahead of issues that can arise from constant use.

Whether you’re looking for plumbers in Norman, Edmond, Yukon, or just OKC, we have the experience needed to finish the job right.

We have performed over 20,000 residential repairs as an OKC plumber.

Below are some of the most common services needed in residential homes.

Low water pressure: : Can be caused by a variety of reasons. Clogs are common and can lower your water pressure due to blockage. Old plumbing can also cause corrosion, which we can fix.
Drain cleaning: Will clear debris from clogged pipes. We use hydro-jetting to clear pipes quickly and safely. Though chemical cleaners are available over the counter, they may damage the plumbing if utilized too often.
Water heater installation: Old units may go out after years of use. A new water heater, whether a traditional or tankless unit, will work for years without a problem.
Leak detection: Important in preventing further damage to your home and plumbing. If you notice a difference in your water bill, low pressure, or other problems, you may have a leak. This can progress, causing damage to your walls or more.

For more information, check out our residential services page.

Commercial buildings have a need for specialists to help them in their plumbing applications. We have worked with hundreds of businesses and maintain healthy systems for them.

Continuous training is something we’ve continued, and that includes in commercial applications. Though commercial and residential plumbing can be similar, they have big differences. We can tell you that commercial businesses have upscaled problems, something we are comfortable handling.

Some services we offer commercial customers are:
Maintenance: We offer plumbing maintenance to help prevent future problems from presenting themselves.
Storm Drain Cleaning: Flooding can occur if storm drains are not taken care of properly, which can lead to bigger issues such as damage to the property. We have the experience needed to take care of larger issues like this and can help prevent further damage.
Plumbing Repair and Installation: Broken indoor plumbing can cost time and money. Our services will have you up and running on little to no time.

For more information, check out our commercial services page.

When it comes to office buildings and nonresidential applications, we have the experience needed to tackle larger jobs as a professional plumber in OKC. When something goes wrong in an industrial setting, it can cause more damage than expected, such as a leak on an upper floor dripping onto the ceiling of the floor below.

We have the skills, equipment, and ability to complete large-scale jobs in industrial settings. Time is of the essence in these situations since small damage may progress and begin to start causing more.

With basic plumbing problems, such as a clog or backup, we can locate the source quick and resolve the issue. This is something we do every day at Plumbing Masters.

As professional plumbers, we have worked on projects that require entire remodeling in industrial settings. This is a service we can complete in a timely manner. We have completed and managed over 1,000 remodels and repairs for industrial clients.

Contact us today if you need professional plumbers who has the qualifications and skills to work on industrial sized problems.

New homes are constantly being built in the area. At Plumbing Masters, we can confidently take on these projects and supply superior results. Our experience in the field has taught us the ins and outs of major projects of this scale and how to manage them.

We have the technology and equipment necessary to ensure all new piping will be laid accurately and will be able to be maintained. With over 1,500 new homes under our belt, and hundreds of commercial buildings, we have the knowledge needed to complete such monumental tasks.

Remodeling is another aspect we cover for all sectors of OKC. Many homes may have damage too severe for repairs and will require more attention and skill. We have the qualifications for carpentry for these reasons and will offer this service in severe cases.

A broken pipe may cause water damage to walls, causing mold to grow. At Plumbing Masters, we have encountered this issue many times and are comfortable working with you on any remodeling needs. Damage can also occur to flooring or even destroy sections of homes. In all cases, we locate the source of the problem and take assessment of the damage. Our goal is to provide real solutions in these tough situations and make it easier on you. The remodeling process also provides improvements from what the section was before and will last longer.

We supply the same service to commercial and industrial settings for remodeling and will work closely with you to ensure everything runs smoothly.
Whether you’re building a new home or need a professional remodeling service, contact us today to get professional, affordable results.